Saturday, June 30, 2012

Having to work exclusively from an iPad is torture! I can't update anything I've done and feel helpless to this flat (still kinda awesome) technology that simply will not let me post pics...Arggggg! So in the meantime, please find me on Facebook to keep up with all the fun things I've been making. Just search for cupcakes by dusty. I currently have a cupcake giveaway going on! Be my 400th fan and you'll receive 2 dozen free cupcakes! If you're out of my delivery area, I'll ship you the toppers to place on your own creation (store bought ok). If you're already a worries, I have a referral giveaway appearing soon. BUT you have to be a fan! Get over there! So until my computer dilemma is solved, 'like' my facebook page....please and thank you!