Sunday, April 7, 2013


Elmo is probably the most requested theme that I do. He's a classic! Funny story...I've made Sesame St inspired cupcakes at least 20 times. I don't always post pics, because hey, how many different ways can you make an Elmo! My 9 year old daughter Kaleigh was my 'helper' on this one afternoon I was making some Elmo's, so I thought, why not! I said here's some orange fondant, I need 12 noses, make them about the size of a tictac. This began the back and forth that Elmo's nose is more like a ball, it's much rounder, blah blah blah. My response was, I've made him so many times, it's tictac size! My sweet, loving, (likes to be right) 9 year old, gets her computer and googles Elmo. Low and behold....SHE WAS RIGHT! Yes I've made 843 Elmo's, but they've all been wrong! So, debuting in this set of Elmo's are Kaleigh's creation...Elmo and his correct schnoz!

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