Saturday, June 8, 2013

Love hate relationship!

I have a love hate relationship with cake pops. I love to eat them, love it when they're done...but boy do I hate struggle making them! Mine tend to crack, and ooze a little, which tells me that I am doing something wrong and I know what I need is more practice/research. BUT that means I have to go through the roller coaster of emotions that go along with the elusive perfect cake pop! It can be done...I've seen some beautiful ones (these people must secretly hide their frustrations because I can't be the only one...right...right?) AND, they must be using a forming contraption to make them so perfectly round. Maybe I'll label this one 'work in progress' instead of love hate. hate is honest, and raw and if there were recordings of the cussing that also takes place during cake pop sessions, you'd laugh and then suggest I also drink while making them! So know this...when I post pics of cake pops, giggle a little at the image of the scene that I can assure you took place!

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