Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Stylish Blogger Award!

So a friend of mine name Brooke awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award! Excepting this award means that I have to list 7 things you may not know about me...sounds fun, so here goes!

Check her blog out...I envy anyone who has an eye for fashion....if it's not paired together in a store....I'm lost!! So head here to see what she's got going on!

1. I have to put my right shoe on first or I feel like my whole day will go all wrong.

2. My oldest son is a senior in HS, my youngest daughter is in Kindergarten!

3. I would love to live on a farm.

4. I hate spiders, but snakes don't bother me.

5. I want a garden and chickens and maybe a goat...(this all may fall under #3.)

6. I collect corks, but rarely drink wine.

7. My son and I watch Jeopardy at least 4 nights a week and have been for 12+ years.

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