Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Show Must Go On!

There's a first for everything right? I had my first cupcake delivery heart breaking! Let me set the scene....rush hour traffic, cars weaving in and out, me slamming on brakes because of said weaving cars. Never did I think it would be as bad as it was. I asked my daughter to peek in the back and see how the cupcakes were doing. She turned and said, 'Mom, they're all tipped over!' Of course I thought she was kidding...and I said really Kaleigh how many? She looks again and as tears are welling up in her eyes...she says, "all of them". I knew then that she wasn't kidding. So she ever so gently got them from the back (yes while driving but technically we were only going like 5 mph so it doesn't count) and I was speechless! Disaster! Nothing survived!! I placed them in the passenger seat and went to work, again while 'driving'. I saved what I could and pieced backed together the pianos and guitars and music sheets and my 'do re me fa so la ti do's' were a word scramble at this point. Then I made the call to a very understanding old friend. She simply said things happen and that the kids would still love them, and they did!

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