Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Get Steamed! It's all for a good cause!

As a self taught cupcaker, any hints and helpful how to's I've always appreciated. Whether it be from reading online, asking a fellow baker (the ones that would share anyhow) or seeing a step on tv. This little tid-bit I saw one day on that Cake Boss show. I don't regularly watch it because, well...I don't do cakes, but in this episode, he had one of those stand up steamers...the kind you'd use for curtains or clothing. I saw him 'steaming' his cakes and they looked shiny, and plastic almost. I broke out the ol' teapot and what do ya know! MAGIC! The purpose is to rid the cakes, or cupcake toppers in my case, of the cornstarch or powdered sugar that we use to work with the fondant....and it makes them all pretty and shiny like! I look back now at past orders and remember how frustrating it was to have to be so careful to keep the powder from being on the top! Silly me! I've also read that people lightly brush vodka to get the same effect, but being that most of my toppers are for kids, I haven't tried that. It could all evaporate for all I know, but didn't want to risk it! Talk about a party! Or Crisco can be lightly applied for a glossy none powdery finish. Is there any other methods that I don't know about?

Before Steaming


A few pointers though....

1. Let your fondant pieces dry for at least 12-24 hours. Otherwise they'll get goopey in the steam.
2. They only need a couple passes over the steam, just until your fingertips sting (for real, that's my method.)
3. I'd say do the steaming on the day of delivery/party/event because they do look their best!

Hope this helps!

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