Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bandana Makin!

To say I was intimidated by the thought of making bandana's is an understatement! Not the forming of it, but the notorious pattern. It has to be pretty spot on to not look a hot mess!

Starts with a basic square

Smooth your edges then gently take one corner to the opposite corner leaving the underneath corner showing a bit.  

Tuck your corners back. At this point, I let the fondant harden for about an hour. I find it easier to draw on firmer fondant than fresh.

With a black food decorator pen, make your designs.

Mix together a tiny amount of water and luster dust, white or silver will work. 

And now I'm revealing my most favorite tool! I use this in every single fondant piece I make...scouts honor! It is in fact a 'pick up stick'! I can write an entire blog post on how useful that silly thing is! But a toothpick would work just fine.

Just be sure to not have too much on the tip when making your dots.

Then viola! They're done. I'll allow these to dry for a few more days, then steam them just before delivery. Read about how and why I steam my fondant pieces here.

YeeHaw! Stay tuned for the completed order!

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