Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Favorites!

Posting yesterday about my favorite tool, got me to thinking about all the other odd things that I use when working with fondant that weren't purchased for the purpose of cupcake decorating. So, since sharing is caring...I thought I'd roll out a 'Friday Favorite's' and share weekly the oddities that I call tools!

So today, I am featuring my absolute must have, all time favorite!
It's a 'pick up stick'! Yes from the childhood game pick up stix!

It's so useful, here are a few pics that I've used it in:

Unicorn noses, eyes and horseshoes

See the topper with the 'B' and that pretty detailing around the outside? Pick up Stix!

Band-Aid Centers
Ice Skate laces
Movie Reel Centers
Dots for bandanas
Eyes for Bodie
Favorite Tool!

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