Thursday, July 4, 2013

Go ahead punk....make my day...

Okay so that one Clint Eastwood line was the only Western that came to mind!

I love working on new cupcake themes, but when I got this order I was slightly terrified. The Browning heads I knew right away I would use sugar sheets, but the bandana's and the pattern on them would be a challenge no I thought. They were actually easier than I feared. So easy, a 9 year old can do it! 9 year old sat down and made 3 herself while 'playing' and if ever in a pinch, I could use them. Which gives me a great blog post idea hmmmm.....
Anyhow, check out the 'how to' tutorial on the bandana's here and if you're on Instagram, there's a short video on how to make the silver/white dot pattern here.

I love how they turned out! How fun to have your birthday on the 4th of July!

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